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Our first album, Runs In The Family, is filled with traditional Irish tunes and songs. Currently, we're hard at work on our second album. Find it at a festival near you soon! :)


Our current album will be available to buy online soon.


Clancy, Declan and Bec Simpson are all recent Winners of the National Folk Festival’s Declan Affley Award for Excellence in Traditional Music and the 2011 Folk Alliance Australia Youth Award. These dedicated musicians promise to ‘Crank It Up!’


Album Track Listing:


1. Curlews

2. Mouse In The Corillians

3. Pretty Fair Maid

4. Minor Set

5. She's a Keeper

6. Col McBain

7. That's What I Like About The South

8. The Lost Diplodocus

9. Funeray

10. Fiddle Set


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Located in Melbourne, Australia.


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Bec Simpson

0422 241 268


Declan Simpson

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